Defective valves and associated control
control units are valuable resources.

In the case of malfunctions it is worthwhile to have us examine whether a repair, from a functional and economic point of view, makes more sense than a simple replacement.

„ In many cases we can thereby contribute to reduce our customers ‘operating costs. “

We are the direct or authorized service partner for manufacturers such as Foxboro by Schneider Electric / Foxboro Eckardt, Flowserve Control Valves, Garlock, Klinger-Schöneberg, Fisher-Gulde and WIKA, whether in our Enkenbach-Alsenborn workshop or directly in your facility. Of course our customer service department also looks after diverse products from other brands. This means that for you there is only one point of contact, regardless of the origin of the equipment or element to be serviced.

In the case of system overhaul we will assume all the necessary maintenance work for you and will make sure that your company is able to resume operations on time. Just concentrate on your core competencies and leave the rest to us.

Foxboro 244LD LevelStar

„We are the official Foxboro Eckardt Service Center for Germany“

Armaturen Flowserve und Neles

Carried out according

All control valve repairs are carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications to the highest standard and subsequently tested. Only original spare parts are used.

  • Control valves / shut-off valves 
  • Ball valves and plug valves 
  • Flaps, slides 
  • Rotary plug valves / ball sector valves 
  • Pressure reducers 
  • Overflow valves 
  • Positioners 
  • Pneumatic actuators 
  • Electric drives 
  • Safety valves


This is exactly where the first roots of Mach GmbH are to be found, when in 1977 the company‘s founder Martin Mach Sr. began servicing and repairing manometers and position regulators for BASF in Ludwigshafen as one of the pioneers of outsourcing. BASF, well known for its high demands in these sectors, remains our client in this and other newly added branches to date.

  • Manometers, thermometers 
  • Measuring transducers for pressure, vacuum, absolute pressure 
  • Level transmitters 
  • Position regulators pneumatic, analog, digital 
  • Pneumatic regulators and recorders 
  • Oval wheel meters


One of our focuses is the support of our customers in system overhauls through our service center. Various types of valves and equipment from various manufacturers must be tested and inspected in a specified time frame. We are a reliable and experienced partner in the planning and implementation of repairs all the way up to commissioning. Whether control valves, manual valves, measuring transducers or safety valves are involved, we will restore your field equipment to a new, fully operational state. As the direct service partner of several valves manufacturers but also of large chemical companies, we work to the absolute highest standard and of course use only original manufacturer-recommended spare parts. Our cleaning room is specially designed for this purpose and approved by BASF in line with GUS specifications. It allows us to work with toxically contaminated equipment ecologically and safely.

One of our core businesses, for more than ten years, is the maintenance of safety valves. All final inspections are carried out and certified in our premises by the SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH or the TÜV Rheinland. Our professional processing center with its required testing facilities guarantees the highest quality and safety standards.

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